(Re)connecting Struggles was a one-day workshop organised by University of Leicester PhD students, Sara Thornton, Mirjam Twigt, and Mette Edith Lundsfryd. The symposium explored ongoing struggles related to issues such as colonisation, gender inequality and racism. The symposium was held at the Attenborough Arts Centre on 5 June 2017 and sought to create time and space to (re-)connect and unite struggles and activists.

Speakers and participants included: poet, singer and songwriter, Mellow Baku; sociologist, Dr. Lory Janelle Dance; sociologist, Dr. Leah Bassel; writer, Divya Ghelani; human geographer, Dr. Gavin Brown; poet and journalist, Ambrose Musiyiwa; visual artist, Jeannette Ehlers; and photographer, Kajal Nisha Patel.

This website collects the footage and results of that day.

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